Twerkfoot Comic Book

Twerkfoot Comic Book

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TWERKFOOT is a graphic novel adapted from the short film of the same name. TWERKFOOT is the first booty bouncing book in an ongoing series that will take us to space, Mars and eventually to the moon!


As the Bigfoot squares off against Rosie, a professional twerk dancer. Clocking in at 70 pages of pure jiggle, TWERKFOOT is the best selling, most famous twerk dancing Bigfoot story ever written. Printed here in vivid supersaturated color TWERKFOOT is a story you will not soon forget.


Meet Rosie the hero twerk dancer who encounters a twerk dancing Bigfoot in the forest while filming a documentary. After the Bigfoot injures a member of the film crew with its bodacious booty a twerk-off for the fate of planet Earth ensues. With a little help from the documentary film crew, her only student Jakar and Sheriff Bob Backlund of the World’s Government (portrayed in this book by WWE Hall of Fame superstar and former world champion Bob Backlund) she just might be able to twerk the Bigfoot into submission and get it onto the rocket ship bound for Mars.


Perfect entertainment for cryptozoologists, twerking fans, wrestling fanatics, and outer space dreamers, TWERKFOOT will dramatically change the landscape of your comic book shelf. Do you support the efforts of the World’s Government, the mysterious shadow organization that runs the planet in secret, with access to a Mars capable rocket ship, of which WWF superstar Bob Backlund is a LIFELONG member?!  OR are you rooting for the cryptid, a creature so horrifying and vile that his whipcrack booty bounces could fracture planet Earth as we know it.  This thing… this "big" "foot"  who gained the power to twerk dance by roaming aimlessly through the forest and discovered the lay lines where all of the pure twerk energy resides.  Which side are you on?


Rosie, a professional twerk dancer, a quiet master who left the seclusion of her forest home to travel to the city to locate a student apprentice… Jakar an eager but apprehensive pupil who believes his booty might be too small for twerking. Rosie has a documentary film crew with her the whole time… Shakey Jake who holds the boom mic and is imbued with a propensity to succumb easily to the hypnotizing power of the Bigfoot’s bouncing butt… Ryan, the director just wants to keep the documentary shoot on track… then he hears the Bigfoot… and the Bigfoot who has never once used his twerk powers for good begins to dance.  What starts off as a documentary film quickly devolves into TWERKFOOT volume 1,  the beginning of a twerk dancing saga the likes of which will never be imagined again.  Two butts enter but only one butt will leave the hypnotizing arena that is TWERKFOOT the new graphic novel from the minds of Joe McCarthy and Ryan Clausen.


TWERKFOOT is a tour de force of big booty bouncing Bigfoot chasing rocket fueled action that will leave your heart beating, your eyes searching and your bottom tingling.Join us as we blast off to TWERKFOOT.


Staring Bob Backlund, Rosanna Karabetsos, Jakar Hankerson, Carles Lombardo and Andrew Garcia.Written for the screen by Joe McCarthy and Ryan ClausenAdapted to print by Joe McCarthy and published independently by Joe McCarthy and Per Diem Printing.Every dollar generated by the sale of this book will go towards funding the ongoing adventures of TWERKFOOT. 

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    • Series: Twerkfoot (Book 1)
    • Paperback: 72 pages
    • Publisher: Independently published (February 11, 2020)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1790725798
    • ISBN-13: 978-1790725793
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